How it Started

In 2010 Cody Persell traveled to El Paso, Texas to help with a church’s leadership training. During that trip Cody first saw the lights of Juarez across the border, and he knew that he needed to go. At the time, Juarez was ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Many people told Cody he was crazy for even thinking of going to such a dangerous place. After a year of praying and waiting, an opportunity opened to go to Juarez to meet with and equip a local church, and Cody quickly fell in love with the people and the city.

Since then, Cody has frequently gone to Juarez to assist with initiatives that help underprivileged communities. Over the following years, he has developed relationships with community leaders and pastors. Through these relationships, Cody began to see how difficult it was to get a good education as well as a decent paying job. He discovered that while the local people appreciate assistance given, becoming self-sufficient is what they ultimately longed for – to truly provide for themselves and not take hand outs.

Cody decided to make it his mission to empower the local people to attain self-sufficiency.

For the last seven years, Cody, his wife Amy, and a few friends have financially supported various projects in Juarez. Recently, the need has become too great for a few people to tackle on their own. Therefore, in 2017, Cody founded The International Empowerment Project to meet this need. IEP exists to bring funding and resources to the hardest and darkest places in the world and to empower local communities to flourish.

The needs in Juarez are great, but we can truly make a difference in the city and in the individual lives of so many people. Keep following these stories to see how you can make an impact to rewrite someones story.

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