How Much Longer?

How much longer? 

This is the question that we found ourselves asking after our trip to Amor Orphanage in Juarez, Mexico last week.  How much longer can the orphaned children live in these conditions? There are holes in the roof, not enough room for everyone to sleep, and non-functioning bathrooms. Juarez is a city that has been torn apart by drug cartels and violence; leaving thousands of children orphaned and alone. IEP connected with the orphanage that is in dire need of improvements, and they need them immediately.

I found myself thinking, “These children need a safe and healthy place to live, this physical brokenness is slowly squeezing the life out of them and is unhealthy”. I found myself asking what can I do to fix these problems and make an impact? How can I fix this roof before the next storm so these children don’t get rained on as they sleep? How can I fix a bathroom so the girls won’t have to share it with the boys? How can I provide new beds so the children won’t have to sleep on an old moldy one or… not have ANY bed at all?

The answer… I can’t do enough to fix all their problems. I simply do not have enough resources to do this on my own. But, I know someone who can help. It is YOU! If we band together we can fix these immediate problems and make a huge impact in a matter of weeks. We can provide the needed roof repairs, the needed beds, the needed repairs to the bathroom. We can rewrite the story of how these children have been living. We can provide one of the most basic needs: a healthy and safe shelter for them.

Will you rewrite the story of an orphan in Juarez? Will you share their story with your friends and family? You can donate here.

Thank you,
Ben Brundage, Exec. Director IEP

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