The Search to Empower the Children

A spotlight moved overhead Juárez in 2012 when the Bordertown was declared the deadliest city in the world. A center for drug-trafficking activities, Juárez was notorious for crime and corruption for several decades—it was not, however, known for that extreme level of lethalness. The violence began in 2008, with the arrival of a drug cartel, known as the Sinoaloa Cartel. Long-term, bitter rivals, the Sinaloa Cartel attempted to overtake the Juárez drug-trafficking market. With 1,600 homicides in 2008, a 433% increase from 2007,[1] the city was in a state of emergency. In the years following, the violence continued to escalate until 2013, when the Sinaloa Cartel gained control and the large-scale violence subsided.

After visiting Juárez in the aftermath of so much tragedy, our team has identified one group that has been left extremely vulnerable and helpless—the thousands of children who have been left literally and effectually orphaned. We surveyed the city and found approximately 60 mom-and-pop orphanages—orphanages that individuals/groups of individuals opened in the community, to provide children with shelter, food, and other necessities— out of the good will of their hearts. With little to no government assistance, these mom-and-pop orphanages need our help. We are extremely grateful for our partnership with amor extremo, a mom-and-pop orphanage that currently houses 36 children (a number that fluctuates with the changing seasons.) Through our partnership, we are gaining insight into the needs of these orphanages and we are building valuable relationships with the children and the community.

On Wednesday, June fourteenth, our team set off to Juárez with several aims and objectives. We will continue to work with amor extremo—assisting them with projects and continuing to build relationships; we will serve at Commador—a local food kitchen that supplies food to the orphanages and the community—and we will go into the community to create new relationships in hopes of finding the optimum ways to meet their needs and empower the people of Juárez.

We invite you to partner with us through prayer and/or financial support. You can also keep up with our team in Juárez through our facebook page.


[1] “No End in Sight: Violence in Ciudad Juárez.” NACLA. Accessed June 06, 2017.

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